The Veronicas set to begin Third Album [Breakin News]

Electro pop/rockers The Veronicas are one of the few acts that have managed to break into the US market, with their single "Untouched" reaching the top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100. Now the twin sisters have began planning their third studio album, whilst still promoting their sophomore effort "Hook Me Up" which is now finally taking off in the UK.

"We're coming up to writing a third record" revealed Jess "We've become a lot more opinionated and grown up a lot more in the past two years since we made the last record."

"I know right now we're listening to quite different music right now, so maybe we'll come together and bring both our different influences. I feel like for the next record we'll do a lot of different stuff and see what works."

"We're hoping to sit down by the end of the year and start writing and recording."

The rest of the year will see The Veronica's touring the world, including the UK & Japan where they are just now launching their 2007 sophomore album "Hook Me Up", which was certified double platinum in their home country of Australia.

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