Lilly Allen - New Album (It's Not Me I't's You)

UK native Lily Allen dropped her debut album "Alright, Still" back in 06'. About 3 years, a grammy nomination, and over 3,300,000 copies worldwide later Lily is back for more. First single "The Fear" has already proven to be a great choice peaking to #1 on the UK singles Chart. As for the album, after going threw it twice already, I am reminded why I liked her in the first place. She stuck with what she knows best but it's clear that she has grown as an artist and songwriter. Giving us a lot more personal tracks as well as a political attack. The album failed to disappoint and with every listen it's growing on me even more. Deff check it out and BUY YOUR COPY FEBRUARY 9TH(UK), 10TH(US)!!

01. Everyone's At It 4:35
02. The Fear 3:26
03. Not Fair 3:21
04. 22 3:05
05. I Could Say 4:03
06. Back To The Start 4:13
07. Never Gonna Happen 3:27
08. Fuck You 3:39
09. Who'd Have Known 3:49
10. Chinese 3:27
11. Him 3:17
12. He Wasn't There 2:50

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